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School Uniform Care Tips

11th Aug 2015

Helpful Tips to Care for your School Uniforms & Dress Code Apparel

For Best Results

  • To start, try to use quality detergents - additives in some detergents can cause pilling and fading.
  • Be sure to pre-treat any stains on items before washing.
  • To prevent snags, zippers should be zipped - snaps, buttons & clips should be fastened before washing.
  • Turn everything inside out.
  • It is suggested to sort loads by similar fabrics & colors.
  • Follow garment instructions on your tag inside clothes for optimal results - such as washing in cold/warm water, etc. Cold water is typically best for keeping clothes in tip top shape and hang to dry.
  • No Bleach
  • Avoid use of fabric softener - it breaks down fibers in clothes.
  • To dry, hang or lay flat are always your best options to keep your clothes looking their best.