A Message to Parents

Message to Parents

School Uniforms Help Put Your Child’s Focus On the Important Things

Why is it that such a large majority of parents nationwide would prefer their school to require a uniform? It’s because school uniforms help put a student’s focus where it belongs. Any parent who has experienced the change that occurs after the transition from street clothes to school uniforms will agree!

When a student wears a school uniform, it:

  • Eliminates school wardrobe debates, hassles and delays in the morning
  • Eliminates peer pressure and competition
  • Creates a safe, focused school environment
  • Fosters unity among diverse student populations
  • Puts the focus on students’ true personalities
  • Saves families money
  • Increases school revenue

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School Uniforms Let Your Child’s True Colors Shine!

Your child’s true personality is most fully nurtured and refined when their school environment puts the focus on who they are, not on what they wear. We encourage parents to rally together and send a message your school to do what is best for your child and every child.

Not a single school that introduces a new uniform program ever lets it expire or be overturned. After experiencing the difference school uniforms make, you will wonder how you, your student and your school ever went without them! Support your school leaders in developing and implementing the right uniform program for your school community.

A Perfect Fit: Educational Outfitters and You

Educational Outfitters has transformed the retail service model of school apparel by keeping our parents and students in mind from start to finish. Together, we can breathe new life into school uniform programs and help provide what is best for the next generation.

Educational Outfitters offers parents:

  • The best school uniform and spirit wear products on the market
  • The latest styles and fabrics
  • Convenient retail locations and an easy shopping experience
  • All sizes in stock year-round
  • On-site embroidery and screen printing
  • Alteration services
  • Competitive and affordable prices

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