Business Model

The Educational Outfitters Business Model Is Based On Strong Performance & Stronger Relationships

Educational Outfitters began with the success of a single retail location led by our founders, Brian and Jamey Elrod. We have since grown, one relationship and one successful store at a time. Like our other franchise owners, you can draw upon us to help ensure your long-term success under the Elrods’ continued leadership and a national team with strong business building experience. We focus more on our relationships with our franchise owners and their growing businesses than on growing our number of franchises. We work to provide one of the best, most rewarding franchise opportunities available, and we intend to accomplish this through:

  • Concentrating on franchise owner success and satisfaction
  • Rigorous training and close, continual support throughout each phase of a franchise owner’s growth
  • Strict screening of perspective franchise owners with a focus on financial capacity and experience in relationship sales
  • Disciplined future expansion

Special Status With Major Vendors

Many major school uniform suppliers will not sell to a new independent store owner. As an industry leader with a proven model, Educational Outfitters has already earned this right for you. Because we have long-standing relationships with our industry’s most prominent vendors, our new franchise owners are pre-approved to carry the broadest, most innovative, and highest quality product line in their markets. We have also taken this core benefit a step further by providing pricing and terms only available to a national leader.

Very Little Competition

In most markets, there are few quality, convenient options for a parent buying school uniforms and dress code apparel.

Mail order catalogs offer a limited selection, and don’t allow growing children to try on different sizes and styles. This causes parents to do a great deal of ordering and returning items, and prevents schools from offering a unique program.

Department stores may carry a limited number of school uniform items, but the selection is sparse, and there is no in-store embroidery. Availability tends to be only during back-to-school season, and knowledgeable help is not part of their service.

Of the dedicated school uniform retailers that do exist across the country, most are located in inconvenient areas and run by store managers rather than dedicated local owners.

The competition often falls short in providing schools and families with outstanding products and services. In numerous markets, the time is ripe for an Educational Outfitters store that:

  • Carries a full selection of school uniforms and dress code apparel
  • Has availability throughout the school year, so damaged or outgrown items can be replaced
  • Can customize any item with in-store embroidery and screen printing
  • Offers convenient in-store fitting and alteration services
  • Provides a great, conveniently located retail experience
  • Provides expert uniform or dress code program development to schools

Effective Sales & Marketing Programs

Educational Outfitters has developed highly effective sales and marketing programs that will help you secure school accounts with minimum expense. We will teach you how to spend your marketing dollars most efficiently to grow your revenues and save you money. We have created specialized sales programs for schools that already require uniforms, for those who are considering requiring uniforms, and for those that do not yet realize the significant benefits of school uniforms. Our targeted sales programs and techniques, when combined with your dedicated efforts in building strong relationships with local schools, are a proven path to sustainable success.

Proven Inventory Management Procedures

One of the primary keys to success in our industry is effective inventory management. We will teach you what you need to know in this essential area, including the right times to order, and how to make accurate estimates of the quantities you’ll need of each item. We understand firsthand the significant challenges of improper ordering, how to overcome them, and how to position your franchise for both financial success and superior customer service.

Reasonable Start-Up Costs

An Educational Outfitters location is a destination store, saving you a large amount in annual real estate costs. In addition, we have already arranged financing on your inventory purchases with the best suppliers in our industry. You can launch an Educational Outfitters store for an initial investment as low as $82,080, a fraction of the start-up cost of many retail operations.

Strong Potential Income and Return On Your Investment

An Educational Outfitters franchise gives you the potential of earning an excellent annual income and return on your investment. Of course, as with any business venture, your financial success is directly related to the amount of effort you devote to building strong customer relationships and excellent store operations.

Additional Revenue Streams

In addition to school uniforms, Educational Outfitters provides several complementary revenue streams including career wear, corporate logo apparel, promotional products, custom embroidery, athletic uniforms, gym wear, spirit wear, letterman jackets and more! You have the opportunity to bring a national leader’s established breadth of products and reach of suppliers to your local market.

A Positive, Rewarding Working Environment

Want to talk through opening an Educational Outfitters store? Give us a call!