Who We Are

Our Model

A Perfect Fit! National Franchise Partnering With Local Owners

Educational Outfitters is built on local ownership and a heart to serve. Our storeowners are members of your community with the capacity, experience and desire to best serve you, schools and students. Our business model combines the best in local service with the strength and reach of a national leader. Together, we have been a catalyst for change in an industry where too often schools are provided limited school uniform offerings and families given poor service.

With Educational Outfitters' business model:

  • Schools are provided a full-service solution and a broad product line
  • Parents and students are honored, appreciated and well served

Customers Come First

We have transformed the retail service model of school uniforms and decorated apparel by keeping our parents’ and students’ needs in mind from start to finish.

Educational Outfitters equals:

  • The best products in the industry
  • Up-to-date styles and comfortable fabrics
  • Convenient retail locations and a superior shopping experience
  • All sizes in stock year-round
  • On-site embroidery and screen printing
  • Alteration services
  • Competitive prices
  • Relationships with suppliers delivering the best quality and availability

Our business model is designed to support our solutions.