Corporate Apparel

What Work does Your Company Do?

Corporate Apparel

Irrigation and sprinkler installation, landscape contractor, lawn maintenance, banking, consulting, medical care? These types of companies all have one common element: customers looking for someone they can trust.

Consistent success depends greatly on consistent image and perceptions, both by your current and potential customers, and by your employees and sales reps. Landscapers, bank employees, small business employees and store employees who wear uniforms generally get a higher dollar per hour labor rate from their customers than those who don't wear uniforms, and service business owners, salespeople and sales reps often get more work and sign more contracts than their competitors. To Request a Quote, email us or call 1-877-814-1222. Also visit our Division.

Uniforms do a variety of things all related to image. They tell your customer that you are professional, reliable, consistent, and organized. That you have a high sense of self esteem. People who look like they know what they are doing are treated with respect. Uniforms distinguish you from your competition. They become an important sales tool as part of "first impressions," and over time they reinforce the brand and experience you want your customers to remember and spread through word of mouth.

Uniforms also contribute to your employees’ and sales reps’ sense of pride, of belonging to "the team". It can reduce their clothing expenses, thus a uniform becomes a pay raise! Some contractors even have slight variations in the uniforms of the various crews working at large residential communities or their landscaping and maintenance departments to promote a healthy sense of competition.

Other considerations are that many government agencies require contractor employees to be readily identifiable when working on public or government property. With increasing frequency, homeowner associations and property management companies are requiring uniforms.

What uniform is right for you?

Corporate Apparel

Before you can answer that question there are a few things you need to know.

Uniforms come in a variety of forms. You can choose from tee shirts, work shirts (long and short sleeve), pants, shorts, caps, jackets, windbreakers, coveralls, vests, belts, socks, shoes, and gloves. The quality of the material is also important. Are you going to provide a summer as well as winter uniform? Remember, the "weight" of the fabric of shirts and pants can vary. Is the company name going to be silk screened on, or are you going to use patches or embroidery? Each employee should have a clean shirt for each day they work.

Most landscapers and gardeners who wear uniforms or provide them to their employees choose tee shirts with the company logo silk screened on the back. This is the least expensive of your options, especially if you have a high rate of turnover or lots of seasonal work. The short sleeved work shirt with company name, logo and employee name is the preferred option. A well-made work shirt can last for years, especially if its laundered properly and isn't abused.

Making the Landscaping and Gardening Uniform Work

To make your uniform do what it’s supposed to do you should devise a dress code. A dress code is an understanding between you and your employees as to what you expect them to look like while on the job. For example, on hot days your employees should not be allowed to remove their shirts. Besides, its actually cooler to wear a shirt. Sweat accumulates on the shirt instead of evaporating completely away thus keeping the skin cooler longer. When using power equipment while mowing, edging, using a weed whip or any other equipment, employees should wear pants. No caps unless they are the company cap. Hair should be clean and neat. Long hair should be tied back. Beards should be trimmed neatly. No smoking except on breaks and lunch. As you can see there are many considerations that should go into a "dress code".

Uniforms and a combined dress code will add professionalism to your business. It will bring you more clients, create a better work atmosphere, and help you to make more profits. And that's why we are in business.

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