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2016 EO Scholarship Contest

3rd Mar 2016


As a national leader in school apparel solutions, Educational Outfitters’ vision is to partner with schools and families to advance their missions. We honor the sacrifices and commitments which our schools and families put forth for their children, and we consider it a blessing and privilege to come alongside you as a partner in building their future.


There will be1 first place winner.

First Place Winner will receive a $500 scholarship dispersed to the student’s school as credit toward their 2016-2017 tuition.  If the winner is a charter school student,the money will be given directly to the school in honor of the student’s name.



Creatively express your ideas and dreams about faith,hope and love,what they mean to you personally, and the lasting impact they create in your family, community, nation and world.


Students may choose to do one of the following:

  • Write an Essay-up to 500 words
  • Write a Short Story
  • Write a Poem-up to 200 words
  • Compose a Song -we need 2 copies of CDs;no longer than 5 minutes
  • Paint a Picture
  • Take a Photograph
  • Create a Collage
  • Create a Blog or Website
  • Create a Short Video-we need 2copies of DVDs;no longer than 5 minutes

  • In order to participate,applicants must be rising K-12 students,display a financial need or merit, and enrolled in one of our partnered schools. All participants will be judged only according to their grade level.

    One entry per student. The order form must be completely filled out in order to qualify for the EO Scholarship. Student entries will not be returned. Educational Outfitters has the right to use any and all entries on our website, in displays, in marketing materials and in any medium of publicity.

    Plagiarism and copying are not allowed. Send your entries or drop them off to your local EducationalOutfitters. You can find your local store’s address at

    SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE: April 11, 2016

    All entries must be post-marked or delivered to your local store by April 11, 2016. The winner will be announced May 20, 2016 on our Facebook page. The winner will also be notified with a phone call from your local Educational Outfitters store owner.

    Please contact us, your school uniform provider, to receive a scholarship application -