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10 Things about Stephanie - Educational Outfitters Knoxville Franchise Owner

Posted by Jamey Elrod on 30th Jul 2015

We, at Educational Outfitters franchise office, would like to highlight and share pieces of our franchisees with you.

Originally, Educational Outfitters of Knoxville started out as a corporate owned location in 2002 with Stephanie Duncan running the show. The franchise office admired Stephanie's tenacity to serve customers and was thrilled the following year when she went from store manager to store owner in May 2003.  She has owned and operated her delightful Educational Outfitters store for approximately twelve years now. 

No doubt, Stephanie Duncan is one busy momma. She and her husband have three young children - or, you might could say four. Many business owners feel their stores are their babies as well! 

Being a natural caretaker, one can sense Stephanie's nurturing personality the moment they walk into her store. With that being said, the backbone of her business is emphasizing customer service. She and her staff would truly give the shirt off their back if they could. She continuously emphasizes that they are a local business which means they serve their local community with open arms. The Knoxville Educational Outfitters staff will go above and beyond to help anyone and, because they are local, they can have a fully-customized approach that the "big box" retailer cannot.

Ever wondered what your local Educational Outfitters store owner enjoys when they are not at work?

Here are a few fun and interesting facts about Stephanie:

1.  As a child Stephanie's favorite food was Macaroni and Cheese.  Pizza was at the top of the list too! Now, shrimp-n-         grits is her fave and she simply can't get enough of em'!  Man, who can blame her?  That is an awesome dish!

2.  One of her favorite quotes is from the world-famous, Walt Disney.  "If you can dream it, you can do it."

3.  Stephanie loves the sound of the ocean.

4.  Stevie Wonder's, "Signed, Sealed, Delivered" is her all-time favorite song.  Take a Moment to Listen Here

5.  If Stephanie could stay a certain age, she would choose 25.  Why, you might ask? Because, "You're old enough to go      out and see the world and still have the money and time to do it."

6.  We asked her, "If you could witness any event past, present or future, what would it be?"  Steph would loved to have        seen the first, manned spacecraft landing on the moon, Apollo 11.

7.  She would also like to learn another language or musical instrument.

8.  When Stephanie has 30 minutes of free time, what does she do?  Well...With 3 kids free time doesn't happen too              often. But, she loves to read and catch up with friends on the phone.

9.  Sunday afternoons are her favorite day because it's just a time to rest and recuperate with the family.  October is her      favorite month - she loves the weather, Fall festivities, pumpkin recipes, and football season.  Go Vols!                               Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe

10. Stephanie's autobiography would be named, You Can't Always Get What You Want, But You Get What You Need.

10 Things about Stephanie - Educational Outfitters Knoxville Franchise Owner

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