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10 Things about Jeanine - Franchise Owner

Posted by Jamey Elrod on 18th Jul 2015

We, at Educational Outfitters franchise office, would like to highlight and share pieces of our franchisees with you.

Pittsburgh, PA Educational Outfitters franchise owner, Jeanine Kadrie is a faith-based driven lady.  One can feel Jeanine's desire to serve in her personal life, within her store, and within the community as well.  

Jeanine has been an Educational Outfitters franchise owner since 2008. She operates a delightful store in Pittsburgh. Being a busy, working mom herself, Jeanine understands the necessity for ease and simplicity especially when shopping for school uniforms. With that being said, Jeanine desires for her customers to leave the store thinking, "Wow, that was easy!"  

Ever wondered what your local Educational Outfitters store owner enjoys when they are not at work?  

Here are a few fun and interesting facts about Jeanine:

1.  Jeanine does not have one favorite food.  She loves it ALL! Jeanine feels "it wouldn't be fair to pick a favorite, it's not        fair to the other food."  Such a sweetheart!

2.  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" is her all-time favorite quote.

3.  Jeanine loves the sound of trains and grass being mowed.

4.  Better Life is Jeanine's favorite song created by her son.  She still cries every time she hears it.  Take a Listen!

5.  We asked Jeanine what was her favorite age and why.  "This is a silly question.  I have enjoyed every age and hope        to keep enjoying all future ones.  I would never wish to stay one age, as to me that means I quit learning and                      maturing."

6.  If Jeanine could witness any event past, present, or future she thinks time travel would be pretty cool.  But, she also        looks forward to asking God a few questions.  Like, what is with the platypus?  We, at EO Franchise, appreciate             Jeanine's humor and uniqueness .....only she could come up with the platypus question!

7.  Jeanine loves photography and she loves to bake.  However, she so humbly confesses she does not do either well.

8.  When Jeanine has 30 minutes of free time, she enjoys going for a run, sitting outside, and watching a few shows.            Her mood dictates which she prefers for the day. 

9.  Mornings are Jeanine's favorite time.  She is an early riser who fancies starting off her day with quiet and coffee.              Jeanine cherishes each Sunday.  It is her day to reconnect with God at church, and have zero agenda after that.              She loves October and the changing of the leaves. 

10.  If Jeanine could name an autobiography of her life it would be, "What is Wrong with Everyone?" or "A Circle of                  Dysfunction Looks like Pancakes". 

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